Photovoltaic (PV)

EZsolar’s Photovoltaic (PV) systems are tailored to the requirements and parameters of each individual client; whether new build or retrofit, roof mounted or ground-mount.

Using market leading equipment our systems are designed to provide free electricity for your home or business using low maintenance hardware offering high rates of efficiencies and warranties. From panels to the inverters we look to provide the highest quality of system, giving you the best possible yields, at an achievable price.

The benefits presented by a PV system are three fold; firstly, having a grid connected system entitles you to the government backed feed in tariff. For a system of 4Kw and under, this retail-index linked grant will pay you 4.39 pence (rate applicable 8th February to 31st March 2016) for every kilowatt hour produced for 20 years. To put that into context, a Southerly facing, none shaded PV system will produce around 3600Kwh per year. That’s worth in the region £158.00 alone. The second benefit is you will be entitled to an export tariff, also index linked, currently standing at 4.85 pence per kilowatt exported. For ‘domestic’ installations (systems under 30Kw in size) the amount of units exported is not directly measured and therefore is ‘deemed’ at 50%. You are paid this regardless of if you have used all of your units and exported none. This is worth around an extra £87.00 per year based on the aforementioned system’s yield.

The final benefit is of course you will have the ability to produce free electricity and to some degree by self-sufficient. You will still have an electrical bill; however this will be dramatically reduced and will ultimately be a representation of your evening and night time usage. Essentially, any electricity produced by your system is made available primarily for your household appliance’s requirements, with any excess simply exported. The Feed in Tariff is guaranteed by the Government for 20 years.

To ensure your usage of this PV generated energy is maximised, EZsolar engineers will be able to advise on how best to achieve this, perhaps altering the way you currently use your household appliances to well as being able to offer a range of addition ‘smart’ technologies such as our immersion control units.

EZsolar can offer like for like prices on almost any system being able to use over 54 different makes and model of panel from 190 watts right up to 333 watts, from poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline high efficiency panels to hybrid mono and thin film modules. Our domestic range typically features all black panels, which almost blend seamlessly with your roof, particularly slate roofs meaning the installation is as sympathetic to the building’s appearance as possible. For Commercial and Farm sites we tend to lean towards the more cost effective poly-crystalline modules where appearance is often secondary to a financial return.

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