Ground & Water Source Heatpumps

The ground provides an excellent storage for heat which is collected throughout the summer months as the sun increases the ground temperature allowing us to use a ground source heat-pump to extract this heat throughout the winter months.

The ground temperature will remain relatively stable throughout the year oscillating between 8°c to 12°c in most locations. Our ground source heat-pumps can efficiently raise this temperature up to 60°c for heating and hot water requirements. EZsolar GSHP have several unique advantages that separate them from the rest of the market; they are the only heat-pump in the UK to have a variable output which can modulate to match the exact needs of the property, this significantly improves the efficiency of the system, removes the need for buffer tanks and extends the life of the compressor to many times that of a standard heat-pump.

They also come with a 7-year warranty and online diagnostics to allow remote support and adjustment. EZsolar can engineer these systems to provide active or passive cooling where required and offer the option of a de-superheater which will provide free domestic hot water (up to 70°c) throughout the heating season. Ground source heat-pumps can provide one of the lowest heating system running costs (except for PV-T heat-pumps) of any solution. We can design ground loop system to suit most types of ground (we have about 10 different solutions to extract heat from the ground), if you are lucky enough to have a water source nearby then we can extract heat from this as well and increase the efficiencies even further. As always we can provide a complete turnkey solution covering all aspects of the installation from ground works to underfloor heating systems.

For more information on EZsolar’s Ground & Water Source Heat-pump products please contact us here or on 01299 270011.


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