Photovoltaic Thermal – PV-T

PV-T panels provide the power source for the heating and hot water system with the lowest possible running cost. By combining these panels with our specially designed PV-T heat-pumps, we can provide both a heating and power solution to new build low energy houses.

As standard PV panels get hotter (both from the sun and from the inefficiencies in the light to electricity conversion) they become less efficient; this is why a standard PV system will have its highest peak output often during the sunny colder days as opposed to height of summer.

Our PV-T solution features a ‘thermal layer’ which actively cools the PV part all year round leading to electrical generation yields of 20% more than standard PV. The heat we get from the panels can be used either directly through our heat-pump to provide heating and hot water for the property or, if no heat is required at the time, the panels divert the thermal energy into the ground system. We have several different designs of ground system which will optimise the heat storage capacities of the ground. Heat stored in the ground during the day is returned back to the heating system through the heat-pump as required. The nett effect is the COP of the heat-pump can be as high as 7 (i.e 1 unit of electricity in and 7 units of heat out) and the seasonal efficiency is also significantly increased.

PV-T is one of those rare marvels in engineering where by incorporating three technologies; PV, Solar Thermal and Heat-pump, we are able to produce more greener cheaper energy than if they are installed separately. Our PV-T system actually generates around four-times more energy than a standard PV system both in terms of heat and power.

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