Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR)

We can deliver a variety of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems, like all of our solutions; we can design around your project’s specific requirements.

Complying with current Building Regulations Part F and therefore no noisy extractor fans or draughty trickle ventilators in windows with the later reducing noise pollution and heat loss greatly.

Advantages of our MVHR systems are;

– The units we specify are energy efficient, operating very quietly.
– Constantly changing the air removes indoor pollution without draughts.
– Promoting these air changes helps alleviate problems such as damp, condensation and black mould.
– No unsightly trickle ventilators in windows.
– A variety of control options (including condensation control)
– Seamless integration between the MVHR and heating solutions.

For more details on how MVHR could help your property’s efficiency, please call us on 01299 270011 or here.


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