Log Burners & Biomass

Burning wood is the most Carbon neutral method of heating your house. It has been the main source of heat for thousands of years and as long as your wood comes from a managed source and is replaced, then the Carbon emissions from the burning wood are more than compensated for by the absorption by the newly planted trees.

If wood is left to rot it still emits more harmful greenhouse gases (for example methane) than if it was burnt. The best form of wood burning is a log burner or log boiler. A log burner is an efficient direct heating fire that will warm the room it is in and spread the warmth throughout the house. It does need laying every day and the ash clearing but the warmth of a real log fire is very comforting. A log boiler is a more automated system where a load of logs are burnt rapidly and very efficiently and the heat is transferred into a thermal accumulator, this accumulator stores the heat until it is required for space or water heating at which time it is transferred as required.

The advantages of a log boiler are that the fuel is generally much cheaper than wood chip or pellet or you can provide it yourself with a bit of effort and a woodland source.

The disadvantages are that your require more space for the thermal accumulator and you still need to load it up each time it is fired, this may be every day during the winter or less frequently as the heating demands become less.

A more automated wood burning method is a wood chip burner which consists of an augur fed boiler which will fire up automatically whenever required, very similar to a gas or oil boiler. The wood chips are best delivered in large quantities so suitable dry storage is required. The cost of wood chip is greater than logs but considerably cheaper than pellets and less volatile, this system is however fully automatic and the burner only needs clearing out occasionally.

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