Ofgem RHI Update – Getting paid to heat your property

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It’s official, 12 months after being announced, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is well and truly up and running, at least for non-domestic premises* – (domestic will have to wait until Spring 2013)

Ofgem, who run the programme on behalf of DECC have published the following stats.

From nearly 1000 applications received by the end of September 2012, 348 renewable heat installations have been accredited under the scheme,  and only four applications have been rejected – all because applicants had already received public funds or grants.

98.45 MW of total capacity has been accredited.

A total of £1.2 million has been dispensed to accredited installations in payments in 2012/13 for 33.63 MWh of eligible heat.

The RHI, and biomass in particular has seen staggering growth, even since the previous quarter;

The number of accredited installations for this current quarter has tripled from 121  as at 30 June to 348 installations accredited by the end of September 2012.

Solid biomass installations account for 90% of accredited installations and 98.9% of accredited capacity.

Accredited capacity has doubled to 98.45 MW from 49.41 MW.

The amount of RHI payments made to participants has quadrupled from £350,594 to £1.2 million in three months.

*please feel free to contact us for a definition of “non-domestic” which includes multiple domestic properties.


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