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Proposals on long term support for householders who install renewable heating kit such as biomass boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal in their homes across the nation have been published for consultation today.
The RHI for householders, to be managed by Ofgem, is aimed at any householder looking to replace their current heating with renewable heating kit or householders who have installed any such technology since 15 July 2009. It is intended that householders will get paid for the heat expected to be produced by their installed technology.

Key proposals in the consultation include:

Indicative tariff ranges for air source heat pumps (6.9-11.5p/kWh), biomass boilers (5.2-8.7p/kWh), ground source heat pumps (12.5-17.3p/kWh) and solar thermal technologies (17.3p/kWh) that are MCS certified and meet relevant required standards
Payments for householders over seven years for each kWh of heat produced for the expected lifetime of the renewable technology and based on deemed heat usage
Tariff levels set to provide a better return for householders living off the gas grid
Budget management system similar to one introduced for the Feed-in Tariffs scheme
Minimum energy efficiency requirements based on Green Deal assessments

The closing date for this consultation is 7 December 2012.

There is already cash available for renewable heat for householders under the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme, set to run until March 2013. The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has recently announced the winners of the RHPP Social Landlord Phase 2 ‘Top up’ competition and confirmed the list of community groups through to the next stage of the RHPP communities competition.

RHI for Commercial, Industrial and Commity Customers

DECC has today published two consultations on expanding the RHI scheme for commercial, industrial and community customers to increase uptake of renewable heating kit in this sector.

The first consultation looks at the broader expansion of the scheme and closes on 7 December 2012. The second consultation focuses on air to water heat pumps and energy from waste and closes on 18 October 2012.

Key proposals to expand the scheme include:

Inclusion of heating only Air to Air heat pumps with a proposed tariff of 0.97p/kWh for all sizes of installation
Inclusion of Air to Water heat pumps with a proposed tariff of 1.7p/kWh for all sizes of installation
Inclusion of biomass direct air heaters with a proposed tariff of 2.1p/kWh under 1MW and 1p/kWh over 1MW
Extension of biogas combustion tariffs to installations over 200kW
Introduction of a specific tariff for heat from biomass CHP of a proposed 4.1pkWh
Introduction of bioliquid CHP tariff of 4.1p/kWh
Increased tariff for deep geothermal installations from 3.4 p/kWh to 5p/kWh
Increased range of waste feedstocks eligible for support
Minimum energy efficiency requirements for district heating, commercial and industrial space and water heating
Continuation of exclusion of reversible Air to Air heat pumps from the scheme

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