Solar PV, the most looked for ‘non-essential’ by prospective buyers

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Large UK lender’s Survey shows that Solar PV on your house is the most looked for ‘non-essential’ by prospective house buyers.

Are solar panels a good investment? Will I get the benefit if I move house? According to mortgage provider ING Direct’s CEO, Richard Doe, the answer is a resounding YES; “In today’s housing market you often have to compete against your neighbours to make that sale.

Price is obviously king but knowing and promoting ‘deal sealers’ can give you that vital competitive edge,” out of a survey of 1000 people, 38% of respondents indicated that a rooftop solar installation would convince them to choose one home over another, all other things being equal. Given the lacklustre state of the UK housing market, such an asset could ‘seal the deal’ for a buyer, giving a competitive advantage to those whose homes come equipped with a solar array. Less popular non-essentials in the survey were weekly bin collections (32%) and Satelite TV connection (23%)

Andy Perkins, Director of EZsolar comments “Solar panels will enhance the value of a property if they look right, reduce energy bills and generate a good income; we help our customers achieve all three”

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