Domestic Renewable Heat Premium Payment Rates Increased

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RHPP Phase Two Extension

An extension to the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme was announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change on 26 March 2013. The scheme is being extended until the end of March 2014, ahead of the RHI scheme for householders.

The extension continues to offer one-off grants to householders across England, Scotland and Wales to help with the cost of installing renewable heating technologies and will also include a competition for registered social landlords to bid for funds to install renewable heat technologies.

Applicants should note that even though the RHPP scheme is being extended, householders who applied before 31 March 2013 must have redeemed their voucher by their stated voucher expiry date or 31 March 2013, whichever was sooner. If you missed the stated deadline, you will be able to re-apply as long as all the eligibility criteria are met.

Key changes have been made to the householder stream of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change on 20 May 2013.

As part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s desire to further support the growing market for domestic renewables, the Government has considered new data available on installation costs/recent feedback from industry and has decided to increase the voucher levels for each of the four eligible technologies.

The new levels are:
Air-to-Water Heat Pump – £1,300
Biomass Boiler – £2,000
Ground or Water-source Heat Pump – £2,300
Solar Thermal Hot Water – £600

These levels will be effective for voucher applications made on the Energy Saving Trust (EST) website from 20 May 2013.  We hope the additional money available will encourage even more people to consider switching to renewable heating.

In addition, new applicants from 20 May 2013 will also be required to undertake a Green Deal Assessment before submitting a claim for payment of their voucher. The Assessment will help consumers to choose the most appropriate new technology for their home and circumstances. As the voucher levels are being increased, this additional money will cover the costs of an Assessment.



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