5 Year Paybacks Still Achievable on Solar PV

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The press is a double-edged sword, helping out where the story is of “injustice” especially if perpetrated by the government but slow to report a less exciting story that, actually, Solar PV remains almost as good an investment as it ever was and certainly better than anything else currently available, with five year paybacks still achievable, especially in the south of the UK.
Everyone knows about the reduction in the Feed in Tariff support and most people know that this has been matched by a fall in the price of panels, as the line graph opposite shows. The bar chart shows the fall in prices offsetting the drop in the FIT, thus allowing the 1st year ROI to return back up to the giddy pre-December 3rd rate (blue) by July 2012 (yellow).

However, this is unlikely to last as the far eastern manufacturers are selling at unsustainably low prices which can only lead to factory closures, industry consolidation and hardening of prices in the future which means that NOW will prove to be a good time to invest in solar. The future will see continuing degradation of the FIT (next step is 1st November by 3.5%) and possibly rising installation costs, in our opinion meaning that the trend for the green bars on the graph will be flat or downward.

Customers who have followed our advice and installed near the peaks of the bars on the chart have experienced first year returns of close to 20% and are set to enjoy a similar index-linked return for 25 (now 20) years, and tax free for domestic customers, the sort of returns that independent financial advisors only dream about.

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